Surfacing: cheerbleederz [New Band]

on Thursday, September 20, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Okay, so we've only actually heard 122 seconds of cheerbleederz music thus far. But we knew we were into them about five seconds into their pining debut track, 'Cabin Fever', off their forthcoming EP 'Faceplant'. Coming out on the irrepressible Alcopop! label, who also recently signed the returning Art Brut, we're pretty confident that it'll be a winner.

Collating the collective talents of Kathryn Woods, Phoebe Cross, and Sophie Mackenzie, cheerbleederz are a supergroup (and a super group, amiright) - their members from Happy Accidents, Fresh, and Finish Flag respectively. The strong sense of collaboration extends to Ryan Schwabe, who mastered the 'Faceplant' EP, and has a surprisingly diverse portfolio including Ellie Goulding, Ryan Hemsworth, and Princess Nokia.

The miserly 'Cabin Fever' only clocks in at a smidgen over two minutes, but makes a considerable first impression regardless. The dark lyrics of longing ("Wish I could tear the skin right off my arms"!!!) are coated in something altogether sweeter, with hints of Weezer's 'Island In The Sun' mixed with a lo-fi melodic punk, and thankfully offset by the trio's harmonious vocals.

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