Surfacing: SHARDS [New Band]

on Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Words: Saam Das

It's probably a bit odd to admit that Liverpudlian music to us evokes memories of the irrepressible goFaster and the piano-led pop of Elle s'appelle more so than it does The Beatles. (Both so great and underrated.) Seeing as all of those bands are now long gone, it's up to the foursome of SHARDS to pick up the region's musical gauntlet. With tracks like 'Reflections' and 'Changes', they're on the right path.

Having been plugging away for sometime, it seems like SHARDS are building up steam in the late part of 2018, thanks to the melodic indie of contemplative recent new track 'Reflections'. Matching its title in terms of tone, 'Reflections' is beautifully lilting, particularly in its uncomplicated yet poetic lyrics.

Previous track 'Changes' shares some of the latest track's DNA, most significantly with its jangly guitars, but is considerably more raw - early Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! comes to mind. Both tracks suggest that SHARDS could yet reach the echelon of those late noughties Liverpudlian bands that so greatly stole our hearts at the time. (Let's not forget the brilliant Hot Club de Paris either. All so, so good.)

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