Surfacing: ARIEL [New Act]

on Tuesday, October 09, 2018
Words: Saam Das

It's been several years since Kate Sproule first made a significant impression on our ears as a member of dream-folk outfit Mt. Wolf. The somewhat abrupt departure of Sproule in 2013 was such a loss to the group that they initially disbanded, prior to a pleasing return a year later. Sproule's next step was in a solo venture as Bo Rocha but a recent re-invention sees her return as ARIEL.

Noting a burn-out from London living, Sproule told Noisey of her move back to Guernsey to recharge, which triggered her a return of her songwriting mojo. And with new single 'In-N-Out', alongside previous efforts 'All Night' and 'We Bring Our Friends', we can certainly see the positive effects of her break from the Big Smoke.

'In-N-Out' ranks highly amongst the Sproule back catalogue - high praise considering the incredible early Mt. Wolf tracks that brought her much adoration. The new track shares some of the ethereal atmosphere of those aforementioned early days but is for the most part, characterised by its hyperactive production and bubblegum chorus. An exotic mix, and quite the statement of intent from the impressively talented ARIEL.

ARIEL will be playing a secret London debut show in February, purchase tickets here. Find more info at

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