Surfacing: Gabby's World [New Act]

on Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Words: Saam Das

Gabrielle Smith has been putting out music Stateside for the last few years under the name Eskimeaux, before a brief rebrand as Ó and now a final(?) moniker of Gabby's World. Which is also the name of a Romford toy shop. Dubious levels of research, Gabrielle. Anyway, we have a number of tracks to give us a taste of the New Yorker's debut Gabby's World album, 'Beast On Beast'.

Smith's distinctive vocals are the driving force behind each of the three new tracks we've been gifted, with the melodic indie-pop of 'Rear View' proving a particular favourite. Like a warm, familiar blanket in colder climes. Listen to 'I Get You' and album opener 'Winter Withdraw' below.

Find more info and pre-order 'Beast On Beast' at, scheduled for release in November.

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