Surfacing: Sir Babygirl [New Act]

on Saturday, October 20, 2018
Words: Saam Das

The lo-fi pop revolution may be televised and if that's the case then Kelsie Hogue and her Sir Babygirl project could well be at its forefront. Listen to a trio of her unashamed/self-proclaimed 'queer pop' tracks below, as much influenced by 90s TV cartoon 'Hey Arnold!' ("move it, football head!") as they are by the modern pop of Charli XCX.

Unveiled last December, 'Snowglobe' was a triumphant Christmas anthem - almost like a festive Years & Years. Another 2017 track 'Heels' became the debut Sir Babygirl release on Father/Daughter Records earlier this year, a somewhat dark effort in comparison. Latest single 'Flirting With Her' returns to some of the more carefree nature of 'Snowglobe', albeit with some harsh lyricism - "flirting with her is like skinning your knee". Oof.

Regardless, Sir Babygirl is one to be taken seriously, and her upcoming debut album 'Crush On Me', has moved up to being one of our most anticipated new records of 2019. Arise Sir Babygirl etc etc.

Sir Babygirl's debut album 'Crush On Me' is due out in February 2019. Find more info at Father/Daughter Records.

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