Surfacing: Déyyess [New Act]

on Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Words: Saam Das

We've heard a bit about Hannah Butcher's Déyyess project and having caught her first show with a live band at The Lexington in North London this week, we're feeling fully primed to tell you about your next pop fave. Emerging a couple of years back but with a relatively quiet subsequent period, she's been snapped up by new music mogul Jen Long's label Kissability to release the debut Déyyess single, 'Escher Heart'.

Emerging with 'Guns' in late 2016, Déyyess has been relatively dormant since - indeed, that debut track seems to have scrubbed from the records. (However, you can listen to another early track, the appropriately titled 'Gold', as well as an interview with BBC Introducing's Abbie McCarthy here.) She has been quietly gigging here and there, including Communion gigs supporting Dan Owen - also combining with the singer-songwriter on a cover of Jason Isbell's 'Travelling Alone', which you can hear below.

Having worked with producers James Leggett and Neil Comber on her initial Déyyess tracks, 'Escher Heart' saw Butcher team up with the excellent MyRiot - who recently helped produce IDER's terrific 'Mirror'. The debut single encapsulates the beguiling multi-layered pop of Déyyess, with shades of floaty Kate Bush entwined with the melodrama of Florence & The Machine.

Her live material also hinted at some more dancey Dua Lipa-esque vibes, with Butcher even cracking out a kung fu kick somewhat reminiscent of footballer/philosopher Eric Cantona. Speaking of which, Déyyess was once on the path to potential sporting success with Arsenal Ladies interested, but football's coming home loss is music's gain.

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