Surfacing: SLIME CITY [New Band]

on Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Despite sounding like a comeback show for famous gunger/childhood hero Dave Benson Phillips, Glasgow's SLIME CITY are in fact a troupe of musicians. Each called Michael, a name policy which would otherwise seem like a troubling barrier for entry for starting a new band, but fortunately, these Michaels know one another from their previous iteration, We Are The Physics. Listen to the debut material in their latest form below.

Their former band may have announced an indefinite hiatus (suppose this should be reframed as a disbanding now) back in 2013, but SLIME CITY pick up on a similar track of spiky art-pop. It's no surprise that they've played past gigs with Japanese new wave outfit Polysics and Art Brut, and their witty yet provocative efforts fit neatly into a Venn diagram containing those aforementioned bands.

Take their punctuation-missing, Jools Holland-baiting debut single 'Less Jools More TOTP' and latest single 'Dial-Up Internet Is The Purest Internet' for clear displays of their strong (but with tongue firmly-in-cheek) opinions and crashing sounds. See also the striking 'Same Genes' b-side, taking influence from fellow Scots, The View and their late noughties hit of a similar name, but gleefully eschewing its mainstream nature. These Michaels like to take the Michael, and we like it too. Noisy japes.

SLIME CITY play London's Nambucca on Wed 23 Jan, followed by gigs in Cardiff and Aberdare. Find more info at

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