Surfacing: Casi & The Blind Harpist [New Act]

on Tuesday, March 05, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Welsh artist Casi Wyn has been crafting folk-infused alt-pop songs for several years now under her own name as well as Casi but the time has come for a change. Now going under Casi & The Blind Harpist, she's teaming up with her existing label Chess Club Records to put out a debut EP, 'Sunflower Seeds'. Check out lead single 'Rooted' below, alongside a special Welsh language version of the track.

Her previous material drew comparisons to Lorde and Florence & The Machine, and 'Rooted' (as well as its Welsh counterpart, 'Dyffryn') shows that she might not be straying too far from what she knows best. Its core of bewitching folk finds itself in the centre of a cascading waterfall of sounds, as strings and beats envelop the track. Another EP track, the beautifully solemn 'Bloom', opts for a more traditional folk approach, and we're intrigued to hear which route Casi & The Blind Harpist will be following in the future.

'Sunflower Seeds' is due out on March 22. Find more info at

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