Surfacing: Provocative Danish Duo Teenager Forever Re-Emerge [New Band]

on Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Words: Saam Das

Danish synth-pop duo Teenager Forever popped up briefly a couple of years back before taking stock and launching a new plan for world domination, beginning in 2019. Teaming up with Handsome Dad Records and Shoplift Productions (Troye Sivan producer Bram Inscore and filmmaker Lin Agnholt), it's been a successful restart.

Their return has been marked by two abrasively titled tracks thus far, '#fake' and 'Sell Out', which showcase an array of influences including Daft Punk and PC Music. Interestingly, Teenage Forever deliberately seek out overt pop in both tracks, juxtaposing the smooth sounds with a more experimental nature. Provocative, in more than one sense.

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