Listen: Dylan Brady And Laura Les Make Magic As 100 gecs On The Deliriously Brilliant 'Ringtone'

on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Words: Saam Das

"My boy's got his own ringtone. It's the only one I know, it's the only one I know." So goes the refrain on the immensely catchy 'Ringtone' by American duo 100 gecs. It sounds a bit like a dream team-up of Lil Peep and PC Music. It's a nursery rhyme on helium. It definitely would have been a favourite on MySpace in 2005. Basically, 'Ringtone' is deliriously brilliant.

100 gecs is Laura Les and Dylan Brady, and it's a bit difficult to know where to start with who they are and what they've been upto - prolific seems like an apt word. The former has put out several underground releases and experimental (re)mixes under her osno1 moniker while the latter has recently been working with Charli XCX, and 'Ringtone' is far from the first 100 gecs material - their self-titled debut EP came out in 2016.

'Ringtone' mixes innumerable genres into its breathless 140-odd seconds runtime, with everything from nightcore to emo to bubblegum pop. The pop-led genre combo reminds us of Sir Babygirl, and it's one of those rare tracks that leaves you longing for more. And luckily we do have more, in the form of new album '1000 gecs', which suggests it's precisely 900 gecs better than their debut. Maths. (Math?)

The Killers - 're brightside' (osno1 remix)

100 gecs - 'Ringtone'

'1000 gecs' is out now. Find more info at

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