Listen: Theoretical Girl - Call Me By My New Name [Piano Demo]

on Monday, October 21, 2019
Words: Saam Das

It's been a decade since Amy Turnnidge's excellent one and only album as Theoretical Girl, 2009's 'Divided', which shares a Memphis Industries label home with the likes of Field Music and The Go! Team. Subsequent Theoretical Girl material over the years has generally taken the form of covers, but it's pleasing to hear original 2019 material (even simply in demo form) with new track 'Call Me By My New Name'.

The track signposts influences from the breathtaking 2018 film 'Call Me By Your Name', and its Sufjan Stevens-led soundtrack. Written for Lily, presumably the artist's daughter, 'Call Me By Your New Name' captures some of the melodrama (such as on 'Never Good Enough') as well as the tenderness (see 'Good Timing') as seen across the appropriately named 'Divide'. We're really hoping this signifies a fresh new start for Theoretical Girl.

Theoretical Girl - 'Call Me By Your New Name' (Piano Demo)

Theoretical Girl - 'Never Good Enough'

Theoretical Girl - 'Good Timing'

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