Listen: NANCY - 6 Days A Week [Double A-Side]

on Saturday, October 26, 2019
Words: Saam Das

We've been equal parts intrigued and annoyed since NANCY appeared with their appropriately titled debut 'Mysterious Visions' EP in late 2018, through Cannibal Hymns and B3SCI Records. Since then, the veil has been slowly lifted and we now know that the Brighton artist behind NANCY is one Jamie Hall, frontman of Tigercub. Listen to a selection of NANCY tracks below, including delectable new track, '6 Days A Week'.

New single '6 Days A Week' is arguably NANCY's most accessible to date, the fuzzy melodies abound contrasting its hyperactive 107 second garage rock double A-side accompaniment 'Clic Clac'. The latest tracks also represent something of a move away from the psychedelic focus of the 'Mysterious Visions' material, and we're liking NANCY's transition to a more direct style.

NANCY - '6 Days A Week'

NANCY - 'Clic Clac'

NANCY - 'Mysterious Visions' EP

'Clic Clac'/'6 Days A Week' is out now. Find more info and purchase at

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