Surfacing: Cj Pandit Opens His Account With The Beguiling Calypso Of 'Karelu' [New Artist]

on Saturday, December 14, 2019
Words: Saam Das

We caught Leicester's Cj Pandit at his local festival Handmade a couple of years back, enjoying the "smooth grooves" of his Magique guise at the time. One of our highlights of the festival, high praise considering the quality of the line-up which included the likes of Easy Life, Future Of The Left, and Black Futures. He's undergone a re-invention of sorts, finishing off 2019 in sparkling fashion with 'Karelu', the debut single under his own name.

Taking its name from the Indian language Tulu, loosely meaning a "mark left on skin by wearing something too tight", 'Karelu' kicks off in something of a calypso manner. Shades of Bon Iver also seep through, particularly in the use of vocal modulation and the multi-layered nature of the track. On the evidence that we've heard so far, we're confident that Cj Pandit's beguiling music will continue to leave a mark, in the best possible way.

Cj Pandit - 'Karelu'

'Karelu' is out now digitally. Find more info about Cj Pandit at

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