Listen: Joy Oladokun Asks 'Who Do I Turn To?' On Her Poignant New Track

on Sunday, June 21, 2020
Words: Saam Das

Joy Oladokun promo photo

Sadly, the world is not a welcoming place for many people, and equality is even further away for many more. The protests worldwide for civil rights, led by the Black Lives Matter movement, indicate an appetite for change that is long overdue. As a black queer woman, Nashville's Joy Oladokun has more experience than most of inequality and injustice, channelling her thoughts on the incredible and poignant 'Who Do I Turn To?'

'Who Do I Turn To?' sets its tone masterfully, opening with a simple yet affecting piano melody, and the words "I’m scared of getting pulled over cuz of someone else I look like". It's the first of many hard-hitting lyrics, reflective of black experiences. "I’m tired of turning on the news and wondering why it happened again". Depressing and heart-breaking.

Interestingly, Oladokun co-wrote the track (over Zoom!) with a white woman - Natalie Hemby, who also has songwriting credits with the likes of Lady Gaga, Kacey Musgraves, and Nelly Furtado. Importantly, it highlights how others can be allies to those suffering. Oladokun is offering support of her own, by way of donating some proceeds from the track to LGBTQ+ charity Launchpad Nashville, in honour of Tony McDade - a transgender man killed by Florida police in May 2020.

Joy Oladokun - 'Who Do I Turn To?'

'Who Do I Turn To?' is available digitally now. Find more info at

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