Surfacing: London Funk Outfit Electric Fire's Newest EP Is Buzzin' By Name, Buzzin' By Nature!

on Saturday, July 11, 2020
Words: Saam Das

"Electric Fire, we're going to take you higher!" So say exuberant London four-piece funkers Electric Fire on their appropriately titled 'Club Smash', the opening track to their 2018 debut 'EFX' EP. And they're undoubtedly correct. Their latest 2020 EP continues the infectious and energetic sentiment - truly 'Buzzin'' by name, buzzin' by nature!

Anthemic opener 'Buzzin'' is like an energy drink transformed into a musical format, captured wonderfully by Jack Barraclough's video for the song. Better yet, are the things that Electric Fire are buzzin' about. ("Buzzin' about rice" being a particular favourite of ours.) The excellent 'Everyday', another life-affirming effort quickly follows the title track, with 'Holding On' and 'Egg Funk' rounding off the EP. Fist-pumpingly good stuff from Electric Fire.

Electric Fire - 'Buzzin''

Electric Fire - 'Everyday'

Electric Fire - 'Club Smash'

'Buzzin'' is out now through Heart n Soul Records, an organisation that supports and empowers people with learning disabilities. Purchase at

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