Surfacing: Caro Takes Us A Musical Journey Beyond ‘Colorado’ On New EP [New Artist]

on Saturday, October 03, 2020

Words: Saam Das

As Caroline Baker states in the intro of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it brilliance of EP opener 'Colorado', "I don't know where to start". Perhaps the obvious elephant in the room, attributing a new/emerging artist moniker to someone with more than 20 million Spotify streams but in our defence, many a search engine result still primarily leads to Leeds band Caro rather than the Nashville pop-led solo artist. If you haven't heard of this Caro then allow us to introduce her to your ears.

Rising to Spotify-based prominence off the back of her genre-bending debut EP/mixtape 'songs from 3am', Caro has followed up in impeccable fashion. In fact, the end of that 2019 release (the bittersweet 'i don't miss u') fits in neatly as a counterpart to the folk-leaning melodic pop of 'Colorado', the first of five tracks packed into a mere 11 minutes on 'The Longest Year: Part One'.

The new release immediately steps away from the rawness of 'songs from 3am', with The Staves-esque 'Colorado' a prime example of the added immersive depth to Caro's effortlessly heartfelt songwriting. Taylor Swift seems like an undeniable influence, particularly on 'Too Far Gone', and we're excited to see where 'Part Two' takes us.

Caro - 'Colorado'

Caro - 'Too Far Gone'

Caro - 'i don't miss u'

'The Longest Year: Part One' is out now. Find more info about Caro at

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