Watch: Sam Ryder - 'Mountain' (Live @ Eurovision 2023)

on Monday, May 15, 2023

Words: Saam Das

The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest saw Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra take a well-deserved and understandable victory, but following many fallow years, the UK had an unexpectedly strong showing with Sam Ryder nabbing second place with 'Space Man'. An effervescent performance that truly felt like an artist seizing their moment to shine. No surprise then, that Sam Ryder was back for Eurovision 2023, hosted in the UK, with a little help from one Roger Taylor of Queen fame.

Although primarily a vehicle that perhaps rehabilitated the UK's image (to a small extent) in the eyes of some in the wider world, 'Space Man' itself transcended Eurovision, peaking at #2 in the UK singles chart and was even performed at the 2022 Platinum Jubilee concert, headlined by Diana Ross. The track also racked up some indie bonus points, having been co-written by Max McElligot, once of Wolf Gang.

Fast forward to 2023, and Mae Muller's 'I Wrote A Song' was alas a regression to the mean in terms of UK success at Eurovision - finishing second last, but at least avoiding the ignominy of "nil points". Yet Sam Ryder once again displayed their wow factor during the show's interval, their powerful vocals on 'Mountain' almost matched by the power of their spangly jumpsuit.

Accompanied by amputee performers, and Roger Taylor on drums, Ryder remained nonetheless very much the centre of attention. Indeed, ignoring the significance of the occasion, it almost felt that the effortlessly charismatic Ryder would have been able to carry this triumphant performance single-handedly. To top it off, Ryder seems like a thoroughly nice chap.

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