Pay It Forward

on Friday, June 09, 2006
Firstly, many thanks to Sweeping The Nation for giving this very blog a nice pat on the back.

And in a grand old 'pay it forward' style, I give my stamp of approval to the following:
1) The new Twisted Charm video, created by my good friends Snazzy Snail which you can find on their MySpace. It's the 4th video on the page.

2) The Motorettes new single, You Gotta Look The Parts. Heard it being championed by XFM DJ John Kennedy (who is surely the indie equivilant of that one cool uncle you have) many a moon ago and it's finally out this week.

3) The 2006 World Cup. It starts today, don't avoid it like the plague. Maybe even support England. Embrace it (no pun intended!).

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