on Tuesday, June 06, 2006
I couldn't really miss the opportunity to post on such a day, although I'm going to be lame and not really talk about the Devil and what not. See Who Needs Radio? and Funtime OK if you feel you must hear/read about satanic (err sort of) music.

I'm just going to point you in the direction of a solitary mp3 that I find delightfully serene. José González back with another fantastic cover (y'know after that Heartbeats one from the bouncing balls ad), this time of a Kylie song. Yes, a Kylie song. He seems to have a knack for making songs his own and although this is a reissue, all is forgiven as it is a beauty.

José González - Hand On Your Heart

Hand On Your Heart is out on July 3rd. Preorder from Amazon.

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