Ben&Jerry's Sundae On The Common Pt.2

on Thursday, August 03, 2006
Following yesterday's "coverage" of Roland Shanks and Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family, Keep Hope Inside brings you the rest of my overview of the Sundae On The Common on the 29th. Weeing yourself with excitement is entirely optional.
Next up were Brighton bunch The Pipettes, who I'm sure you're already familiar with.
Take three girls in polka dot dresses, add a boy backing band, catchy doo wop anthems about boys in school uniforms, choreographed hand moments and voila! You have an irresistable combination that simply cannot fail."
I really enjoyed seeing The Pipettes when I first saw them about a year or so ago but since then I feel less enamoured with them. The fact they seem to play exactly the same songs, with exactly the same choreography means that much of the novelty has worn off for me. Sadly disappointing.
For mp3s and what not, see this album review (link).
Buy 'We Are The Pipettes' from (link).
Twickenham's finest Larrikin Love followed up and did a grand job of bringing the energy levels up. They are easily one of the best live acts around, a 'must see' during the festival season.

Larrikin Love have often been described as a "boozier Pogues" but with a sound that veers from reggae ('Meet Me By The Getaway Car') to Irish jig ('John O'Ryan's Polka Dot Skirt') to basically everything in between, they really are so much more. Singer Edward has been compared to a certain Mr Doherty - mainly because of his shambolic onstage behaviour and the way he sings but perhaps because of his lyrical talent also. Oh and Ed seems to court controversy, especially on 'Downing Street Kindling' where he proclaims "England has nothing to offer me". That doesn't stop him being mates with Patrick Wolf and Jamie T though, both of whom I believe are featuring on debut album, 'The Freedom Spark', out later this year.

Larrikin Love - The Cucumber Song (Live At The Sundae)

New song 'The Cucumber Song' shows the promise of the album - an ode to vegetables, which descends into a 'la-la'-vocal-hook-fest complete with proggy breakdown. An exciting prospect indeed.

Larrikin Love - Forever Untitled (Acoustic)
More songs available to download on Savefile (link).
Echo & The Bunnymen and Badly Drawn Boy completed the line up but I can't say I found either particularly riveting. Damon 'Badly Drawn Boy' Gough seemed to be having a difficult time onstage and although Echo & The Bunnymen did sound pretty interesting, I was enjoying sitting down and having a chat with some friends. And pondering who the celebrity was that sitting next to us - turned out it was former Radio 1 DJ Emma B.

For a more focused review (which I have to say I largely disagree with!) and some extra mp3s, read The Daily Growl (link).

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