¡Forward, Russia! in non numbered song shocker!

on Wednesday, August 30, 2006
I was going to post about this last night but was somewhat traumatised after seeing Little Chris from Gene-Simmons-horror-fest Rock School have a music vid out on the telly. It's like Matt Willis from Busted but a million times worse. Yes, that bad.

Anyways, onto the meat and potatoes. Everyone's favourite Leeds collective ¡Forward, Russia! recently debuted a new song at their Lowlands Festival appearance in Holland. Shock of all shocks, it's not a numbered song. For those not in the know, the Russians named all their songs (upto Nineteen I believe) as numbers, in the order that they were written.

'Don't Be A Doctor' is a 6 minutes+ number with a slow beginnning, building up the intensity into a sprawling monster. Definately one of the more math-rock type tunes they have but with as mystifying lyrics as ever - "There was something coming from the grave". Blimey.

They played the song at the Leeds Cockpit the other day as well and someone clever has put the vid up on YouTube:

¡Forward, Russia! - Don't Be A Doctor (Live)
¡Forward, Russia! - Four

Buy ¡Forward, Russia!'s debut album 'Give Me A Wall' from Play.com [link]

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