Hope Of The States - over?

on Saturday, August 26, 2006
One of Britain's brightest talents Hope Of The States could well be calling it a day. Critically acclaimed but vastly underappreciated commerically, the band apparently announced their intentions to never play live again following their Carling Weekend Reading/Leeds performances. Further details are on NME.com [link].

Perhaps pondering a split is too much considering they only seem to have indicated that they don't wish to play live anymore but they've been through a fair bit. Guitarist Jimmi Lawrence tragically commited suicide in their recording studio in January 2004 and have suffered disappointly poor sales of both their debut LP 'The Lost Riots' and recent follow up 'Left'. Then again, there was all that palava about Weezer splitting and apparently it was all nonsense. Fingers crossed it's the same for the Chichester lads.

"Hope Of The States’ sound sits somewhere between the intelligent, intense alternative rock of Radiohead and the expansive string-laden post-rock of Godspeed You! Black Emperor."

Hope Of The States - Black Dollar Bills (Demo)
Hope Of The States - The Black Amnesias
Hope Of The States - AMM=IBM

The above tracks have been shamelessly pilfered from The Halfway Home [link], please visit there for all your Hope Of The States needs (including an impressive catalogue of tracks).

Buy 'The Lost Riots' (particularly recommended!) or 'Left' from HMV [link].

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