The Longcut

on Monday, September 18, 2006
After mentioning experimental three piece The Longcut recently [link], I received a lovely little nugget in my inbox in the form of their new single, 'A Tried And Tested Method'.

The Longcut formed as a four piece in 2002 but with the vocalist leaving soon after, they carried on with Stuart Ogilvie attending to both drumming and vocal duties with the help of drum loops and synths. I'm not sure how this equates live exactly but rest assured it means frantic hurrying about and the band are well known for their intense live performances.

They burst onto the scene in late 2004 with their critically acclaimed 'Transition' EP out on Deltasonic, followed that up with another sold out EP before releasing their debut album 'A Call And Response' this summer. Produced by Johnny Dollar (Massive Attack cohort) and one of them out of TV On The Radio (I hope that's the guy with the amazing beard) no less. It's surprising they haven't pushed further on really.

'A Tried And Tested Method' is one of their more introverted tracks, one which shows the influence of by fellow Mancunians Joy Division, The Stone Roses and The Smiths on its sleeve. This is a melodic mish mash of jangly guitar lines and pulsating beats with an added hint of desperation. It all seems so simple yet it's deceptive - the track remains captivating and poignant after several listens. The Go! Team are on remix duty and as ever offer an animated transformation of the single! Listen to the remix on The Longcut's MySpace [link]

The Longcut - A Tried And Tested Method

The Longcut are a band who are as bewitching as they are frenzied, an essential listen. 'A Tried And Tested Method' is out on October 2nd on 7", CD and download. For a host of downloads heard to the downloads section of The Longcut website and enter the password "lonesome".

Their debut album 'A Call And Response' is available from HMV [link].

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