Munch Munch

on Saturday, September 23, 2006
It's not often I hear two tracks on the radio, a week or so apart and think "Wow. What the hell was that?!" and then find out they're both by the same band. Munch Munch are very much an ear grabbing, in your face band. But thankfully not in a Towers Of London way.

Munch Munch are essentially a two man with laptop project, following in the footsteps of the likes of Daniel Bedingfield and Tom Vek using a bedroom instead of studio to kickstart their music careers. Apparently, Munch Munch used to be a Lighthouse Family covers band too. When you hear them, you'll struggle to believe that. They could have at least pretended they were a Chumbawumba covers band instead. They combine the quirkyness of the Spinto Band, the experimental outrageousness of Animal Collective and the feverish enthusiasm of Hot Chip.

'Celebrity Engine' begins by nicely chugging along like a train (complete with burps and bleeps) before fading away into beats and the sound of a waterfall(?!), preceding a lovely little Mystery Jets-alike breakdown against the backdrop of some charming ukelele work. Not to mention the Fisherprice electro-prog thing they have going on as a finale. Insane in the membrane.

Munch Munch seem to like silly song titles, 'flashbangmicrowaves' being a prime example. This one is a bit like a futuristic Help She Can't Swim with a dollop of melodica. 'flashbangmicrowaves' is a bit of an effects frenzy - vocoders, organs, lightning, heavy rainfall - it's all there. The second half of the song shows a more fragile edge to the band, endearingly mellow. Maybe even a bit Lighthouse Family.

Munch Munch - Celebrity Engine (Radio 1 unsigned [link])
Munch Munch - flashbangmicrowaves

I'd love to see how their hyperactivity translates live and if you're lucky they might be popping around to town near you very soon. See their MySpace [link] for upcoming dates.

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