Nic Nell

on Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Apologies for the rather lengthy absence, I've been pratting around under the guise of a student for the last couple of weeks. In the meantime, I was voted 23rd best UK music blog in the BT Digital Music Awards 2006 [link], which I'm very chuffed about - if you voted then you're a legend and thank you very much!
Mr Nic Nell joins the ranks of the already remarkably strong singer-songwriter scene that the UK has to offer (Jamie T, Kid Harpoon, Jack PeƱate, Emmy The Great etc). His style is reminiscent of Jeremy Warmsley (particularly vocally) but Nell jokingly describes his music as "Regina Spektor partying with the Mars Volta on the yacht from that Duran Duran video". So it doesn't come as a complete surprise that the track I'm posting here, 'Poor Little Rich Boy' shares its name with a Regina Spektor song.

'Poor Little Rich Boy' reflects the story of a gentleman on the trail of a well sought after lady. Not that this is your usual ditty about love. The verses gallop, the chorus sooths, the song is as bewitching as it is feral. Nell's vocal loops add an almost operatic intensity to an already chaotic track. And his majestic voice just tops it all off. Even the vocal showboating at the end can be forgiven for this is utterly magical.

Nic Nell - Poor Little Rich Boy

You can catch Senor Nell playing teeny weeny London venues over the next month or so, see his MySpace [link] for more details and more downloadable tracks.

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