Bands I Want To Namedrop Because They Will Become Big In 2007 (part one)

on Monday, January 22, 2007
Hello! While I've been trying to fit in uni, having a life and doing my part time job, Keep Hope Inside has been sadly neglected. Not just because of those reasons either, a hard drive failure has sadly robbed me of 99% of my music. But I'm soldiering on and return briefly to provide you with another one of those annoying tips lists (in no specific order and probably over the course of some time!) which I'm sure you're bored of by now. Seriously though, who are Enter Shikari and why would I want to enter Shikari?
Brilliantly named, all-over-your-face band. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it math-rock? Not according to the band who claim they play “fight-pop”. Whatever it is, it’s mental. As far as I know they’ve had a bit of a line up change as of late and if they head in a slightly more poppy direction, they could go far.

Dananananaykroyd - SongOnePuzzle

*Frank Turner
The ex-Million Dead frontman has made a welcome step into more folky territory but with the same lyrical poignancy he evoked with his former post-hardcore outfit. With Jamie T managing to break into the top ten singles chart, I see no reason for Frank to not reach equally heady heights. Apart from his profuse swearing. Check out some of his amazing covers on YouTube and pick up his debut solo LP 'Sleep Is For The Week'.

Frank Turner - Nashville Tennessee

*Laura Marling
There was a huge fuss about this young lady in London a few months back, at one of her early gigs, the A&Rs outnumbered punters by about 4:1. But perhaps for good reason - soothing, acoustic tunes complimented by a beautiful voice, a bit Martha Wainwright.

Laura Marling - London Town

One of the many bands to rise from the ashes of the smouldering, happy-go-poppy wreck that was known as Les Incomp├ętents (see Bono Must Die and Adventure Playground for other "new" projects). A more serious proposition this time around and their brooding material has generated a fair bit of industry buzz already.

Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man - A Matter Of Timing
So that's the first bunch then, let me know what you think of them - any favourites? Is 2007 going to be the year of the solo artist? There's my current picks then Mika and Jamie T, not to mention the likes of Kid Harpoon (signed to XL not too long ago), Kate Nash etc etc. Anyways, more to come soon....

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