Bands I Want To Namedrop Because They Will Become Big In 2007 (part deux)

on Thursday, January 25, 2007
I'm back with part two of my tips column, and I realise I probably should have given a better blurb regarding my choices. I've tried to steer clear of bands that I've featured in the past - the likes of Good Shoes, Late Of The Pier and Hot Club de Paris (who also provided me with my favourite album of 2006) would have all been included otherwise. Obvious choices have been cast aside too, Klaxons and the like. And as always if you've got anyone to recommend, please pop me an email or stick a comment at the end of the post!
*Bombay Bicycle Club
Winners of Channel 4’s Road to V competition which meant they opened up at V2006, this jangly guitar band (who like Cajun Dance Party, they only completed their GCSEs last summer) write bewitching, intense songs complete with the most distinctive vocals this side of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Don’t hold that against them and look out for an EP soon.

Bombay Bicycle Club - The Hill

Electro/grime/indie combo who have been tearing up venues in London to the delight of many a young un lately. Most down to earth yet utterly ridiculous lyrics heard since Invincible by Yossarian (now Shake My Hand). Wouldn't be surprised if they signed to a major label anytime soon. Just don’t mention “nu-rave”. Their debut single and best track 'That Boy, That Girl' is out in February.

Plan B - No More Eatin' (Hadouken! Remix)

Hadouken! - Liquid Lives

*Jack Penate
signed by XL a ridiculous amount of time ago but only just about coming into the fore now. Jack plays some dancey love songs while managing to get his groove on at the same time. Good effort. Bezzie mates with The Maccabees, who are another band destined for pop stardom this year.

Jack Penate - Spit At Stars

*Pull Tiger Tail
Proponents of one of the best singles of 2006 ‘Animator’ (and a good vid to boot), this trio paid their dues as part of John Peel faves Antihero. Now signed to B-Unique, their playfully feisty pop stylings should help them follow in the footsteps of labelmates The Automatic.

Pull Tiger Tail - Animator

Not entirely sure if this worked yesterday so here's Song One Puzzle again:
Dananananaykroyd - Song One Puzzle

Part three will be on its way soon, hope you've liked the bands featured so far - if you've thought they've been pretty pap, then don't hesitate to exercise your right to whinge in the comments section!

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