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on Saturday, April 07, 2007
I really want to post loads of amazing tracks I've got hold of recently but I'm just going to hold some stuff back for now - treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen after all! But this post shouldn't disappoint with Maximo Park adding a northern twist to The Proclaimers' classic '500 Miles' and Patrick Wolf's fantastic interpretation of 'On Sussex Downs' by Larrikin Love. In fact, more Patrick Wolf will be coming soon so if you're a fan keep checking back!

So Maximo Park recently did a BBC Radio 1 session for Jo Whiley (in the "live lounge"), playing their latest single 'Our Velocity' and then performed a cover. They chose to take on 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' by Scottish band The Proclaimers - who still seem to be going to this day! The Maximo Park intro actually sounds a bit like Patrick Wolf's material before Paul Smith's distinctive vocals kick in. An energetic, yet at times haunting cover ensues which let's be honest, is miles better than the Comic Relief 2007 cover [link]. Okay, okay, I'll let them off because it's for charity! Nothing beats the original obviously though. Still, gotta love The Proclaimers' appearance on the ridiculously funny Family Guy:

Maximo Park - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Whereas Maximo Park are now well and truly established, Patrick Wolf is only just gaining mainstream coverage following his third album 'The Magic Position'. Crossing and mixing broad genres such as classical and folk, perhaps his newfound success is a reflection of a more poppy ethos on the new album? Nonetheless, Patrick is one of the most creative artists around at the moment (he actually spent a year at Trinity College Of Music studying composition) at the tender age of 23. Here, he transforms Larrikin Love's 'On Sussex Downs' into a darker, bewitching affair. A more melancholy version, it compliments the already impressive original with a lovely string arrangement. Releasing one of the year's most vibrant singles ('The Magic Position') has done him no harm and who knows, you might be hearing Patrick Wolf once again soundtracking cricket highlights as I recently did.

Patrick Wolf - On Sussex Downs

As a bonus, here's a Patrick Wolf (techno-ish!) remix of Larrikin Love's 'Happy As Annie'
Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie (Patrick Wolf Remix)

Buy the new Maximo Park album 'Our Earthly Pleasures' from HMV [link]
Buy Patrick Wolf'a new album 'The Magic Position' from HMV [link]
Buy Larrikin Love's debut album 'The Freedom Spark' from HMV [link]
If you haven't already listened to/downloaded my podcast (you'll have done well to avoid it!), then please check it out [link]. It features some of the finest new british bands about such as Johnny Foreigner and goFASTER>> and also new singles from Help She Can't Swim and Distophia. Thanks loads if you've listened/downloaded it already, means a great deal to me!

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