Love Ends Disaster!

on Monday, April 09, 2007
Love Ends Disaster! have been around for years. And years. And years. Or at least it feels that way. They've actually been going since circa 2003, releasing a couple of acclaimed EPs on the way.

Photo credit: Amy Bramhall

They were kind enough to upload both sides to their most recent single 'Ladders' for free public consumption considering it sold out in a flash. How lovely of them. The song itself "is all about the trials you go through as a teenager when trying to lose your virginity" [link]. Indeed, the desperation in Matt Oakes vocals and lyrics is palpable. "And I'm bored of hearing you say, 'Everything will be okay'. It's not won't be." Even the guitar work is meant to be symbolise ladders with its up-and-down scale, which further adds to its hypnotic charm.

B-side 'A Dream Ends Chaotically' has a fantastic sense of drama to it, with its choral bellowings and frenzied guitar lines. A track that shows LED! can do the whole "stadium-rock" thing as well as more gritty material.

Love Ends Disaster! - Ladders
Love Ends Disaster! - A Dream Ends Chaotically

The band have some live dates coming up around the UK and as they say "be there fat":
13-04-07 The Portland Arms, Cambridge (with Dive Dive & The Tupolev Ghost)
21-04-07 Unit 22, Southampton
28-04-07 The Live Lounge, St Helier, Jersey
18-05-07 The Gold Room @ The Dickens Inn , Middlesbrough
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