Indie/alt karaoke!

on Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I was reading the esteemed Sweeping The Nation [link] a while back and they found an amazing indie/alternative karaoke website. Bust out the likes of 'Helicopter' by Bloc Party, 'Bandages' by Hot Hot Heat along with more obscure tracks like Fugazi's 'Waiting Room'. Awesome. And if you're German or a fan of German music you may appreciate it even more as it offers some German tracks too! Go forth and have fun [link]

On a slightly related note, I came across a weird covers artist performing under the guise of Kermit the frog (yes, the one from the Muppets) and calling himself Sad Kermit.

"Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex. His fall to rock-bottom was quick and unrelenting. These songs document Kermit's pain during these years...and years to come."

It's a nice enough idea but the brilliance of the video made for his cover of 'Hurt' (originally by Nine Inch Nails but also subject to a poignant cover by the late Johnny Cash) really helps showcase some actual talent. Can't knock 1.2 million YouTube views.

Other covers are also available on Sad Kermit's website [link]. They include an Elliot Smith cover and the almost inevitable Hallelujah reinterpretation. I think there's even a section where you can request your own "sad" song for Sad Kermit to cover. My money's on 'Candle In The Wind' being attempted at some point.

Sad Kermit - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Sad Kermit - Creep (Radiohead cover)

And again on a slightly related note, this time in a more Muppets meets the Banana Splits way. I was directed to the promo vids for Herman Dune's 'I Wish I Could See You Soon', which is their current UK single - one has green men [link], the other has them green-screened out or whatever the technical term is [link]. I'm liking the one with green men more just because it seems even more silly.

And for something I find is even more bizarre, Bob Hoskins is in the new Jamie T vid for his re-release of 'Sheila' [link]. Didn't Robert Downey Jr do a similar thing for an Elton John vid? Nice walk along the South Bank in London anyway.
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