Keep Hope Inside Podcast#2!

on Wednesday, April 18, 2007
I know only did my first podcast the other week (still available to listen to here [link], as loads of you already have, thanks!) but I've been eager and got another one done. Slightly shorter and hopefully with slightly better sound quality, it showcases some of the best underrated/unknown acts about at the moment. Unfortunately this good news also comes with the bad news that I'll be taking a brief hiatus from this blog while I get on with university exams for the next couple of weeks but I'll be back as soon as I can!

Keep Hope Inside Podcast#2(27.13, 24.9mbs)
Intro (with samples from Michael Oster [link])

1) Look See Proof - Start Again [MySpace]//Download 'Start Again' [link]

2) Sir Yes Sir - Bass Hit [MySpace]//Download 'Bass Hit' [link]

3) Bombay Bicycle Club ft. Kathyrn Williams - You Already Know [MySpace]//[Website]

4) Bat For Lashes - Bat's Mouth [MySpace]//[Website]//Buy 'Fur And Gold' from Amazon [link]

5) Some Body - Oceana [MySpace]//Download 'Oceana' link

6) This Et Al - He Shoots Presidents [MySpace]//[Website]//Download 'HSP' [link]//Buy their material on iTunes [link]

7) Friends Of The Bride - Buckle Up, Sunshine! [MySpace]//Buy the single, due April 23rd [link]

8) Gay Against You - Good-bye [MySpace//[ download page]

Tracks used with permission or made freely available on the internet by the artist at the time.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save as) [link]

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Hope you enjoyed it or at least thought it wasn't a waste of your time! If you have any feedback about any of the artists featured, the length of the podcast, some new bands you'd like me to play in the next podcast, leave a comment or email me at dass695[at] - thanks very much!

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