Keep Hope Inside Podcast#4

on Sunday, July 22, 2007
Okay so I've finally done the fourth Keep Hope Inside podcast, even though my USB headset is having major issues despite its youthful age. Thankfully, I have plenty of amazing songs to share with you all this time so hope you enjoy the new podcast. In fact, if you like it and happen to have an account on that crazy social networking website MySpace, you may want to add me [link].

Keep Hope Inside Podcast#4(34.06, 31.2mbs)
Intro (with samples from Michael Oster)

1) 4 Or 5 Magicians - Forever On The Edge

2) Safetyword - Skull Moneybox

3) Jeniferever - Ashes To Ashes
[MySpace//[Website]//Download mp3 from [DiS Recordings MySpace]

4) The Hot Puppies - Party
[MySpace]//[Kruger Singles Club]//Download mp3 [link]

5) Eddyfink - Will I Get Through Today Without Being Kicked In The Knickers?
[MySpace]//[AQA Comp]//Download mp3 [link]

6) Laura Groves - Does Anyone Love Me?
[MySpace]//[AQA Comp]//Download mp3 [link]

7) Kevin Drew - Tbtf
Download mp3 at [Kevin Drew's MySpace]

8) Elle s'appelle - Wood For Tree
[MySpace]//Download mp3 [link]

Tracks used with permission or made freely available on the internet by the artist at the time.

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