on Monday, July 16, 2007
While my podcast remains in editing limbo, I thought I'd point you all towards some interesting covers of Rihanna's chart smash 'Umbrella'. At the same time, it allows me to focus on Scottish journeymen Biffy Clyro. Clearly, I'm not one of those indier-than-thou snobs who hate Umbrella but I guess it helps that I think Rihanna's a bit of a fittie mcvitie. Although the Tainted Love-sampled 'SOS' was ace too.

As for Biffy, despite their fanatical following, I've never really been a massive fan. After hearing many positive reviews, I was truly disappointed when seeing them support Limp Bizkit (I know, I know, but the tickets were free!). The only times I felt they really lived upto any sort of reputation they had was on their intense covers of 'Buddy Holly' and 'Take Me Out'.

Their new poppier album however has piqued my curiousity into the band once again and seems more promising. The new offering, entitled 'Puzzle' has also earned them commercial success, reaching #2 in the UK albums chart. Admittedly, I'm not loving their new single 'Folding Stars', an ode to the sadly departed mother of guitarist/vocalist Simon Neil, which actually seems a bit too poppy. Obviously, I'm hard to please. Likewise their Rihanna cover lacks something, especially compared to their previously amazing covers. Nonetheless, I think it's about time I gave them another chance and I suggest you do as well.

Biffy are definately not the only ones who have covered the neverending chart topper, YouTube has a fair few of them, as do my fellow bloggers. The best of the bunch is Scott Simons' version, which I've shamelessly stolen from wongie's music world [link]. Apparently they originally found out about it from Kevipod [link], which happens to have the Avril Lavigne cover of Coldplay's The Scientist up too. I can totally play that track on piano now and everything. But saving the best for last and once again courtesy of Wongie's music world, we have a mash up by the most excellent Party Ben - file under "summery pop greatness".

Biffy Clyro - Buddy Holly (sorry for the crappy bitrate!)
Biffy Clyro - Take Me Out
Biffy Clyro - Umbrella (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
Scott Simons - Umbrella
Party Ben - Tender Umbrella

Biffy Clyro's single 'Folding Stars' is out in the UK this Monday.

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