Spice Girls

on Sunday, July 08, 2007
So while I've been recording my new podcast, watching Wimbledon, having barbecues in the rain and working, the Spice Girls decided to reunite! They're doing it for the music obviously. And by music, I mean money. But still, as long as it doesn't go as pear shaped as the All Saints reunion then I think it'll have been worth it. Hopefully no more of that sporty/scary/babyetc nonsense either, especially now Mel C actually looks nice. Whichever way things go, it's infinitely better than having them embark on solo records again! Greatest hits and world tour in December await.

Here's a Megamix of all the classics (and others, which I thankfully do not recognise) to let you relive their days of worldwide domination.

Spice Girls - Megamix

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