Meet Me In St Louis

on Friday, August 31, 2007
Blur once claimed (or at least titled an album as such) that modern life is rubbish, I disagree, being ill is rubbish. I'm not sure whether to blame last night's king prawn fried rice or the horrible pint of Guinness red I consumed. Either way, I have nothing better to do but to write a little something about Meet Me In St Louis, who are the most excellent Big Scary Monsters label.

Taking their name from the 1944 film of the same name (presumably?), they are much more RAWK! than romance. In fact, judging by the title of their new single ('All We Need Is A Lot Of Energon And A Little Luck'), they're more influenced by the original Transformers movie than anything by Judy Garland. And obviously graduates of the school of ridiculous song titles.

There has been a fair bit of chat about this Guildford band, in particular about their incendiary live show but the blogging world seems to be lagging behind a bit, especially in comparison to Gallows recent exposure. After debut album 'Variations On Swing' drops on September 24th, that may be a different matter. Recruiting ATD-I cohort Alex Newport for production duties, MMISL are embracing their biggest influence. But what a great influence to have!

MMISL move seamlessly between the melodic and the abrasive, like a post-hardcore Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Crunching guitars intersperse jangly intricacies, accompanied by vocals which manage to retain a successful balance between fragility and intensity. MMISL are one of those rare bands with the flexibility and versatility to allow them to weave sprawling soundscapes as well as commit mass aural destruction.

Meet Me In St Louis - The Torso Has Been Severed Mid-Thorax [right click, save as]//[Sendspace link]

MMISL tour LOADS from September through to November, supporting the returning Hell Is For Heroes after a headline tour. For more details, see the BSM website, which will also include details about preordering the album from September 1st [link].

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