Unreleased Beatles cover by The Libertines surfaces

on Saturday, September 01, 2007
I've been too busy playing World's Scariest Police Chases (which aren't scary but at least there's the American guy who does the voiceovers on the show!) to notice that an unreleased Libertines track surfaced a couple of days ago. Seriously though, I was desperately trying to complete levels such as "Gangbanger Deathmatch" and "Bus Driver Gone Bad". Pity I couldn't save anything as it's only a Playstation 1 game.

Anyways, so I was perusing thelibertines.org forum [link] earlier and noticed some thread about 'Eight Days A Week', a Beatles cover, which the band recorded during summer 2003 sessions with Bernard Butler. During this time, Butler also produced my favourite Libs track 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' as well as a storming version of 'Death On The Stairs', amongst others. Ah, the good old days (pun intended). This Beatles cover was supposedly kindly donated by someone who received the track three years ago by a friend who works in publishing. The cover itself isn't all that special yet pleasant enough, but it's always nice when rarities pop up.

The Libertines - 8 Days A Week [right click, save as]//[Sendspace link]

Read more about the track [link] and go forth and download other Libs demos/rarities at Albion Arks [link].

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