Futuresounds Part Three

on Wednesday, February 13, 2008
So we're past the halfway mark in my little Futuresounds project, where I compound the existing hype even further so it will look even worse when the bands don't become global superstars. That's what a cynic would say anyway. Luckily, I am more blasé about this issue and this feature is simply about bands I think could do well and probably deserve to. And Whiskas of Forward, Russia! has done a similar thing on his new blog [Nyevsky Prospect]. Go check it out, it's certainly started off strongly.

Back on planet KHI, we've covered the likes of Agaskodo Teliverek, Vampire Weekend, Jose Vanders, Adele, Alphabeat and Elle S'Appelle. All the while keeping in line with one band per post being completely new to this blog, another being a golden oldie from my archives and the other being a band that's already been hyped ridiculously.

#4 in the BBC Sound of 2008 poll and #2 in the NME's best single list of 2007. And they've only released one single. Good going. Although looking at them wouldn't inspire you with much confidence, their retro sound is surprisingly captivating. "Look like thugs, sound like angels" was one description I read recently, an accurate one at that. I reckon I could take 'em, especially the girl. But that's a lose-lose situation - you've either beaten up a girl or been beaten up by a girl.

Anyhoo, second single 'It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry' is as good as the debut offering, 'Daddy's Gone'. Check out the demo version of 'Daddy's Gone' and see whether you can overcome your preconceptions too.

Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone (Demo) [Yourfilehost d/l link]//[Sendspace mirror]

Look See Proof
Making an appearance on Keep Hope Inside podcast #2 [listen here] almost a year ago now, Hertfordshire powerpop band Look See Proof have been steadily ascending into the mainstream. Having released a couple of well received singles, they're off to SXSW looking to pimp themselves out to just about anybody (as all the bands do).

Perhaps the indie snobs will be pining for oscillating time signatures, an orchestral feel or some other gimmick, I'm happy to appreciate Look See Proof's genuine, vibrant pop. Look no further than their cover of 'About You Now' by the Sugababes, from a recent XFM session. And because I like the original and its video (mainly because it's fun to try to recognise places in London, other than that, it's a bit of a rubbish vid), you can watch it below:

Look See Proof - About You Now (XFM Session) [Yourfilehost]//[Sendspace]

The Wave Pictures
After years of plugging away, The Wave Pictures finally signed to Moshi Moshi records last year. Apparently, they've already had six albums?! They also co-wrote material with John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats) and collaborated with Herman Dune on a Peel session.

Somewhat bizzarely, their MySpace page states their genre to simply be "pop". No doubt this is intentional, with leanings towards country and folk and a splash of 60s rock possibly. Unless they're just prophesising their rise to popularity of course...

The Wave Pictures - Three Songs Called Louise [Yourfilehost]//[Sendspace]

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