Keep Hope Inside Podcast#7

on Monday, March 31, 2008
In the spirit of The Raconteurs' new album, I have rush-released a new podcast. Although seven podcasts in a year is hardly profilic, it's been nice to look at the stats and see people have actually listened to them. Or at least downloaded them. Which is the same thing to me. But back to the point, hopefully this latest podcast doesn't sound too shoddy and even if it does, at least there is plenty of great music to overshadow any of my failings. I've also added a line of description per song, just so you have some sort of an idea of what's to come. Maybe it'll get more punters in eh? No, didn't think so.

And just a quick shoutout to a couple of new podcasts that have cropped up and are pretty decent. Firstly, there's Simon's weekly podcasts over at Jarock [link] then we've got Sid from Music Liberation delving into the world of podcasting at Music Liberation [link].

Keep Hope Inside Podcast#7(27mbs, 29.35)
Intro (created with samples from Michael Oster)

1) Frightened Rabbit - The Modern Leper
Mp3 freely downloadable from their [MySpace]
Anthemic Scottish folkpop with mega drum fills. Amazing.

2) Esser - I Love You
[MySpace]//Download mp3 [link]
The 'I Love You' single is out on April 14th
Remember White Town's hit single, 'Your Woman'? This is just as good.

3) John & Jehn - Make Your Mum Be Proud
[MySpace]//Download mp3 [link]
A spattering of Interpol and the Arcade Fire from these wonderful Frenchies.

4) Operahouse - Wrecking Ball
[MySpace]//Download mp3 [link]
Juddering indiepop from these tipped Londoners, with some bonus vocal hooks just for you.

5) Superman Revenge Squad - Idiot Food
[MySpace]//Download mp3 [link]
With thanks to God Is In The TV [link]
This song might not mean anything but it's still compelling.

6) Puzzle - Words & Actions
[MySpace]//Download mp3 [link]
Head nodding, foot tapping lushpop from another fantastic Liverpudlian band.

7) Banjo Or Freakout - Mr No
[MySpace]//Download the mp3 from [link]
Tabla infused dream pop.

8) 65daysofstatic - goodbye 2007
[MySpace]//Download the mp3 [link]
The 'Dance Parties' EP is out from April 7th
Glitchy post-rock? A return to the 65dos of years gone by.

Tracks used with permission or made freely available on the internet by the artist at the time.

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