New Patrick Wolf demo

on Saturday, March 29, 2008
So London troubadour Patrick Wolf made a demo from his fourth album available the other day via his MySpace. This coming after last year's apparent threat to quit music altogether (or at least not tour anymore?) followed by a hasty retraction. Or something like that, I got a bit confused. Read about it at Pitch4rk [link].

Although I enjoy his work, I'm no expert so I shall be consulting the wise fans on one of his messageboards for their views of 'Wargames', the new demo [link to forum]. Although can I first say, everytime I see the songtitle, I immediately think of the Matthew Broderick film of the same name. He almost starts a nuclear war via a computer game, watch it. Was Ally Sheedy a fittie? I can't really remember.

tivin thinks: "its Verrrry Lycanthropy innit?"
hex object ponders: "kinda Crystal Castles no?"
popyyyyyyyyy goes one further: "very crystal castles-esk!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeek!! excitement!!!!!!!!!!!"
a basket of kittens loves: "his return to noises"
victoria likes: "how the vocals are not the top of the track"
rain says: "At first I didn't like the beat, but it's growing on me. It sounds like it's from the same place as vulture and blackbird".
mynameisryanstiles believes: "the beat reminds me of stand up tall-esque dizzee rascal. or those 90's r'n'b/pop girl groups".
Marcus gets: "quite into it, and then it ends".
Sarah Motherfucking Records duly notes: "Let's be honest guys, Patrick could fart down a microphone, run over some puppies and homeless orphans and record their dying screams and crunching bones and put it on myspace as a 'demo', and everyone would still go apeshit over it".

Then the thread descends its semi-chaos after lighthouses proclaims: "I think it's a good thing this album being so bleak, shake all the clingers on dancing round their handbags to Magic Position. Don't need those fairweather types". What a lovely person.

Mr Wolf had this to say about the demo:

First, on my music player is an excerpt of a demo of a song called wargames, part of the more political, current affair part of the album It first started on my atari Back in the days when I had an atari str and a a couple of sturdy outboard samplers about eight years ago now rewritten over the last year as a battlecry my own battle against the apathetic technological age I debuted it in full with an amazing gospel choir at the barbican last winter in the plague songs
night with rufus wainwright and imogen heap, I performed as neolithic warrior complete with a bleeding skull for the climax with ondes martenot and full brass band... a personal highlight of last year..

So yeah, I can only really echo the praise given. It is only a demo so understandably raw, hopefully the end product will prove to be excellent, as with much of his other material. Here, see what you think.

Patrick Wolf - Wargames (Demo)[Yourfilehost download]//[Sendspace mirror]

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