New Weezer - Automatic & Everyone Get Dangerous

on Tuesday, April 15, 2008
So while the recent preview of new single 'Pork And Beans' has got everyone excited about Weezer again, it's overshadowed some other new Weezer stuff appearing/possibly appearing on album six, "the Red album". 'Automatic' is a track that will be appearing on the new s/t album and has cropped up in a remix format (to soundtrack the new Gran Turismo game). The other new track, 'Everybody Get Dangerous' was played in the background of recent film '21' and may be appearing on the album.

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Now I don't think Weezer have ever been mentioned on here, which is pretty weird considering they are pretty much my favourite band. Or at least their debut album, 'Weezer' ("the blue album"), has been my favourite album ever since I was about 16. The output in recent years hasn't been quite so great, even my low expectations of Rivers Cuomo's solo album of demos weren't met but could we be seeing a return to form?

There's been a lot of talk about how Weezer's record label (Geffen, owned by Universal) have been prompting a more commercial sound but it's difficult to tell if that's actually going to be the case. Sure, we've got some idea from the previews but 30 seconds clips will never tell the whole story.

What's really quite interesting is hearing Rivers step aside from vocal duty. Apparently, the new album will feature songs written/sung by all the members and I've got one of those songs today, 'Automatic'. Except it's a remix. And 40 seconds long. But it's got Pat Wilson singing! The other track 'Everybody Get Dangerous' is a short clip from the movie '21' and considering it's not on the official soundtrack, this could be the best you'll get from it. Assuming it doesn't appear on the album or as a b-side, of course. Anyway, have a listen, make some judgements if you want. All I'm going say is that, I'm optimistic and excited for the new album!

Weezer - Automatic (LA Riots Remix) 43 SECOND PREVIEW [Yourfilehost D/L]
Weezer - Everybody Get Dangerous 46 SECOND PREVIEW [Yourfilehost D/L]

'Automatic' was ripped from the new Gran Turismo 5 computer game trailer [link], while 'Everybody Get Dangerous' was shamelessly stolen from fansite [link]. 'Pork And Beans' will be downloadable on April 22nd and the new album's out on June 16/17th.

Dare I believe it but supposedly there are some Weezer UK dates (Manchester and London) in June, a little googling will lead you to a source but it isn't the most reliable! So don't get your hopes up. Fingers crossed though!

Now for some pork and beans fun, what's your favourite Weezer track? Pork Triangle? El Porko? Only In Beans? I know, I know....lame.

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