All Around The Houses

on Saturday, June 28, 2008
Week two of 'All Around The Houses', my round up of all things good in the music (blogging) world. Apologies for complete lack of blogging on my behalf this week, I blame work. If I get my finger out, there'll be a podcast up in the next few days.

The Go! Team release new lion-referencing single 'Milk Crisis', which apparently has had some promo on Cartoon Network?! Here's the Junior Senior-esque video:

Future popstar Penny Broadhurst releases her new Instant Classic podcast, featuring the likes of the amazingly quirky Wild Beasts [Website]

McFly follow Prince's footsteps in giving away their new album for free with the Mail On Sunday [Popjustice article]

RAWKing post-punkers An Emergency are playing possibly their final ever live show tonight, in London. [DiS article].

While An Emergency bring their farewell tour to an end, Jaguar Love (comprising members of The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves) begin their UK tour from the 4th. Dates on [MySpace]

If you're a bargain hunter like me, you may wish to trudge through the sale for some nice finds. I'm particularly looking at Will Smith's 'Greatest Hits' for £2.99 [Website]

From non-musical blog land comes Urf, a canvas for totally bizarre cartoons [Website]. For more conventional cartoons, check out one of Urf's contributors over at [See Mike Draw].

mp3hugger is releasing a compilation by unsigned artists to get them some dosh and give them some exposure [mp3hugger]

Illegal Tender proclaims We Have Band's 'You've Had Band' as their favourite song of 2008. I think it's pretty ace too and their stuff is highly reminiscent of KHI fave Nic Nell. [Illegal Tender].

Sweeping The Nation rolls back the years with the Mystery Jets and their cover of 'Somewhere In My Heart' by Aztec Camera [STN]

Transparent shares Vampire Weekend's vid for new single 'Oxford Comma', directed by comedic actor/upcoming director Richard Ayoade [Transparent]

Good Weather For Airstrikes unleashes Boston's summery MGMT-esque Passion Pit [GWFA]

The Mae Shi cover Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana to ridiculous results. Listen at [Pitchfork].

UNKLE are giving away four tracks from their forthcoming album away for free, including a collaboration with Josh Homme []

Hot Club de Paris do an acoustic rendition of 'My Little Haunting' from their new album for []

The Black Ghosts stream their atmospheric dance album on [MySpace]

Excellent movie blog /Film brings to my attention the trailer to Repo! The Genetic Opera, which they claim is like "Rocky Horror Show meets Blade Runner meets Saw". Check out the trailer over at [/Film].

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