All Around The Houses

on Saturday, July 05, 2008
Updates have been scarce on Keep Hope Inside lately, I apologise. We will resume normal service soon I hope. In the meantime, check out all the following.

Cats In Paris unleash the video to recent single 'Foxes' befitting its "thrilling baroque prog-pop":

If you're American, you may also show extra appreciation for The Muppets' "musical salute to America" in celebration of the 4th July. I love Bobo the Bear. [YouTube]

Johnny Foreigner team up with fellow Best Before Records signees Dananananaykroyd on an August tour. Dates on [MySpace]

Speaking of tours, the devastatingly epic Her Name Is Calla are on a short tour of Britain this week [MySpace]

New site Songpeople allows you to become a music scout and win VIP tickets etc and if you're an artist, you can get your music heard by some named industry bigwigs [Songpeople]

Stream music from all the social networking sites using the Qplayer from [Qbox]

Viennese video purveyors They Shoot Music Don't They have Look See Proof playing acoustically in random Austrian places, like swimming pools [Website]

Death To Music has metamorphosed into a Victorian adventure novel [DTM]

nialler9 goes through their favourite albums from every year of their life [nialler9]

Popjustice looks back to possibly the worst boyband of all time [Popjustice]

A Classic Education compile their own Muxtape for [Sweeping The Nation]
The Daily Growl "reviews" Pure Groove's new store. Most accounts suggest it's more style over substance but I'll have to pop in myself sometime. [TDG]

RCRD LBL looks back at Sonic Youth's vid for 'Bull In The Heather', without mentioning Kathleen Hanna. Scandalous. [RCRD LBL]

Former Les Incompetents bassist Olli Rose is now one half of The Hot Rats, a moody rock duo taking Tokyo by storm. Probably. [Website]

Invasion shred their way through frenzied recent single 'Moongazer' [YouTube]

Arcade Fire meets Flaming Lips collective Held By Hands sadly split up [MySpace]

Linfinity drops a free EP via [MySpace]

CatCutter Records are giving away a free compilation full of good things from the likes of goFASTER>> and Team Waterpolo [Website]

Featuring 2 members from The Blood Brothers and one from Pretty Girls Make Graves, Jaguar Love are rampaging through the UK this week. They are also kindly giving away an [mp3 - right click, save as]

Apparently, you can pursue your dreams even well into your life. NHS dentist signs massive record deal. [Yahoo]

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