on Friday, June 13, 2008
Taking inspiration from the early effervescence of Supergrass, Belle & Sebastian's playful twee and the unashamedly pop attitude of The Feeling, Voxpop are quite remarkably unsigned. Then again, Voxpop members Alex Miller and Beau Barnard didn't have the greatest of times on a major label (Columbia) as part of The Upper Room, who put out the delectable pop track 'Black & White' in 2006 [Youtube vid].

voxpop mp3 review the upper room
I have a couple of Voxpop's excellent demos to share and then you too can understand why this band are a stadium-pop act waiting to happen. 'Bad News' is anthemic perfection and the galloping piano-pop of 'The Boomerang Generation' is the first fruit from recording with flavour-of-yesteryear Paul Epworth. Admittedly, Voxpop's depth extends further than this uptempo selection, with the melancholic 'Hacienda Motel' and slow burning 'In Love With The Modern World' being other highlights of their demo catalogue. If there's any justice in the music world, Voxpop will succeed where The Upper Room failed.

Voxpop are playing a handful of dates in London over the summer, listed on their [MySpace]. Other tracks are available for purchase at [intomusic.co.uk].

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