All Around The Houses

on Sunday, July 20, 2008
In new fortnightly format comes my round up of all things bright and beautiful. Hopefully this way I will summon up the will over 2 weeks to actually do a roundup. Plus I have work and holiday to contend with later in summer. Oh and go listen/download to KHI podcast#4 before it gets taken down forever on Tuesday [link]. If I feel like it, there'll be a review soon of the new McFly album that I picked up today with the Mail On Sunday. They swear on Track 3!

The new Bloc Party single, 'Mercury' has been dividing opinion everywhere. The video on the other hand has been unanimously shitted upon. Thus it's a must see:

NME interview the best three members of Los Campesinos! (see [here] for why), who compare themselves to The Beatles [Youtube]

Andrew WK gives us an indepth view of his career [Interview]

New music site The Quietus (aka DrownedInSound for more middle aged people) launched last week [Website] take on The Hold Steady at "bar sports". They're all pretty bad. I reckon we could take 'em easily. Check the video at [

Fluxblog unveil their first podcast, or rather [Fluxcast]

Fucking Dance has preview material from a new project from one of Junior Senior [FD]

My Old Kentucky have a new track from Ra Ra Riot [MOKB]

shattered satellite reviews Radiohead's gig at the LCCC [ss]

Gorilla vs Bear has the new Santogold and MIA collab [GvsB]

Kalico Queens investigates new Best Before signees Dananananaykroyd (a KHI tip for 2007!). Bassist Laura recently tied the knot with Barry Futurehead. Congrats! [KQ]

Jeremy Warmsley previews the video to his new single 'Lose My Cool' over at [DrownedInSound]

Cajun Dance Party finally release career highlight 'Colourful Life' on July 21st, with the video over at their [Website]

Royal Treatment Plant's new single 'Undercurrents' is out on Monday too. Here's the [YouTube vid]

Cats In Paris will be showcasing tracks from their forthcoming album on their website. 'Get Out Of Jail Free Card' is up now at []

The Joy Formidable release debut 7" 'Austere' on August 18th. Competing for my favourite new band of 2008 with Voxpop. Watch the video over at [YouTube]

Six Red Carpets are giving away their 13 track self-produced/self-recorded/100% DIY debut album on their [Website]

Nintendo are entering the "music simulation" market with a new Wii game to rival Rock Band and Guitar Hero [NME]

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