The Italian Job

on Monday, July 14, 2008
Let our powers combine.....GO PLANET! Wait, wait. That's Captain Planet. This post is about everyone's favourite Italians Banjo Or Freakout and A Classic Education combining. Sort of.

Alessio "Banjo Or Freakout" Natalizia should be well known to any long term Keep Hope Inside readers, having appeared on [podcast#7] and in his own dedicated post [here]. His debut single 'Mr No' was meant to be coming out this month on No Pain In Pop but it seems to have been postponed. A Classic Education may be less well known to you but supporting names such as Arcade Fire and Fanfarlo should give you an idea of their affecting orchestral indie pop.

banjo or freakout a classic education mp3
Anyways, Alessio's taken on 'Stay, Son' from A Classic Education's recent EP collection. His cover is a self-proclaimed "epic version" although the original is pretty epic if you ask me. Nonetheless, Alessio's softly spoken vocals and the instrumental build up throughout the song certainly stir up emotions.

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