on Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Formerly drummer of the now defunct Ladyfuzz, Esser is continuing the quirk pop tradition of his old band. In the embed below, I've got the video for fantastic new single 'Headlock'. You can listen to another one of his singles, 'I Love You', on [KHI podcast #7].

The video's a bit carnival meets block party. But Esser's exhibiting some naff hair, don't you think? Galleywood Youth Centre's in Chelmsford by the way. Yeah, I can google.

Rather strangely, it's coming out on t-shirt on Monday. What they really mean is if you buy a t-shirt, then you'll get a code so you can download the mp3s. The t-shirt looks pretty ace though. If you're not quite out there enough for that route then it's out on iTunes from August 11th. Consult his [website] for ordering details. Esser's also playing the last few Transgressive Records Tour dates, in London (Cross Kings, 16th), Brighton (Audio, 17th) and Glasgow (King Tut's, 19th).

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