Remixed: A.G. Cook - '2021' (umru Remix)

on Sunday, October 31, 2021

Words: Saam Das


"Everything you do, it's been done, done, done before." PC Music head honcho A.G. Cook nailed some of the core pandemic vibes of apathy and despair with '2021', originally released on their 2020 debut album, '7G'. Not content with releasing a 49(!) track long album, Cook subsequently released another album ('Apple') just weeks later, which was followed in 2021 by a remix album reflecting on the two aforementioned releases, 'Apple vs 7G'. Charli XCX collaborator umru took the reins for the latter's '2021' remix, which you can hear below alongside the original.

umru expands on the relative bare bones of A.G. Cook's brilliantly concise '2021', seemingly turning up every aspect of the original to 11. Amid this hyper-pop assault, the Estonian-American producer harks back to other tracks made by its originator like 'Oracle' and 'Silver', in a sort of easter-eggs-in-the-A.G. Cook-Sonic-Universe kind of way. A much needed jab to the senses. 

A.G Cook's '2021' and the umru remix are available to purchase from Bandcamp.

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