Surfacing: Fear Of Men's Jessica Weiss Ushers In New German Cinema [New Act]

on Monday, February 28, 2022

Words: Saam Das

There are moments when reading the LinkedIn profile for Jessica Weiss where my initial reaction is that Spiderman-pointing-at-Spiderman gif, although the comparisons quickly stop - particularly with regards to their musical repertoire. Having entranced us through their work in Brighton's Fear Of Men, as well as having been a touring member of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart', Weiss has now unveiled their new solo venture - New German Cinema. Listen to debut single, 'I Become Heavy', below.

While Fear Of Men were perhaps best known for the melancholic jangly indie displayed on stunning tracks like 'Island', they had moved in more experimental direction, such as on 2020's 'Into Strangeness'. New German Cinema appears to be a continuation of that latter day path, albeit retaining the sense of melodrama that flavoured Weiss' existing output.

'I Become Heavy' is big on the synths but not in a manner that overwhelms the underlying melancholy and atmosphere that at least somewhat recalls Fear Of Men. Zola Jesus seems an appropriate point of comparison, thanks to the fact that producer Alex DeGroot was also a touring member in that outfit. A lazy comparison too arguably, but certainly a complimentary one.

'I Become Heavy' is available to purchase on Bandcamp.


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