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on Monday, August 18, 2008
I'm going to be in Edinburgh for the fringe for most of the week so you may not hear from me till I'm back in the real world. Speaking of the Edinburgh Fringe, my friend Max (previously of fame) is running a related blog, [Meta-Fringe]. And while I'm plugging other blogs in the incorrect area of this post, you may wish to visit my sports blog [Armchair Sports Fan] for irreverent ramblings about the Olympics and what not.

I'd link you to Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' video but it's honestly quite awful. A shame as the song is probably pop single of the year. Instead have Ricky Gervais ask Chris Martin some hilariously loaded questions:

Good Weather For Airstrikes is going on indefinate hiatus and instead launching a new record label, whose first 7" is from the pretty ace Passion Pit [GWFA]

I mentioned in May that The Acorn would probably be signed quite soon [link] and they'll be doing a UK tour in September now they've signed to [Bella Union]

This week saw a lot of bloggers get sent a mystery track "by someone English, featuring someone English" and it'll be out soon. One of the main clues is that they're related to Merok Records. [zShare]

Field Music offshot The Week That Was release their quirky debut album this week [MySpace]

Another Form Of Relief has the new Los Campesinos! song that was left off their debut album [afor]

Jamila claims Little Comets are "Newcastle's answer to Vampire Weekend". Not too far off. Find out more at [FUCKINGDANCE]

A new live cut from The National over at [i guess i'm floating]

Illegal Tender gets excited about the new Byrne and Eno collabo-duet-thingie [IT]

Sadly it appears that Keep Hope Inside tips for 2007 Pull Tiger Tail have split, after being massively messed about by label B-Unique [MySpace]

Sky Larkin celebrate signing to Wichita Recordings by releasing the first taste of their upcoming album, Molten [zShare]

Fox Cubs have a couple of new demos up on their [MySpace]

Fresh from a 7/10 NME album review, Hugh of Sportsday Megaphone fame has lots of his recent work up for grabs on his [blog], including a collab with recent KHI podcast featurees Stricken City.

Speaking of Stricken City, if you liked their gutsy girl-led powerpop, you'll probably like My First Earthquake who sent me a pretty funny, innovate email. Nice one. [MySpace]

Why did no-one tell me about the Crazytown vs Len stylings of Iglu & Hartley? Stealing the sunshine of summer 2008. [YouTube]

Jaguar Love and Late Of The Pier both have full album streams over at MySpace [JL]//[LOTP]

I'm being really cheeky and spreading this post out into another one as I'm on holiday. Look out for part 2 in the next couple of days!

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