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on Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Through the magic of the interweb, this is coming to you even though I am not near a computer and instead sampling cultural delights in Edinburgh. I am also quite possibly very wet and cold. Anyways, this post is surprisingly film heavy so check those links out in particular. Also, while I'm here:

BT DMA07 People's Choice Nominee - Vote for me!

Frank Turner is releasing stand out album two track 'I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous' complete with "Nambucca crew" video. Excessively low budget more like.

The Wackness is hitting UK cinemas on August 29th, with an amazing hip hop soundtrack reflecting the film's mid-90s setting. A cult hit in the making! [MySpace]

Big Scary Monsters, easily one of Britain's best labels, are giving away a free summer EP [BSM]

Melodic piano pop trio Portland Rise release a new digital only EP [indiestore]

As worn by the likes of Mark Ronson and Diplo, pick up a 'Shit The Bed' t-shirt. I normally wouldn't condone such merch but it only costs a tenner [The Fat Club]

i guess i'm floating point us towards thestream of the new Byrne & Eno album. I haven't had a chance to listen to it, let me know if it's a good un [igif]

Torture Garden notes that Radiohead are playing an integral role in the film adaptation of Choke, which is looking quite good by the way [TTG]

Nyevsky Prospect tells us about Panda Magazine and its ace mp3 section. I approve of all things panda related [NP]

Gorilla vs Bear has the whole story on the downloading drama that befell Bradford Cox [GvsB]

MOKB features American Teen, a film festival favourite and our generation's answer to 'The Breakfast Club' [MOKB]

KHI tips for 2007 Pull In Emergency finally release their debut single, a double a-sided 7" featuring the angsty teen anthem 'Why Aren't You Dancing?' [MySpace]

Future popstar Penny Broadhurst has recorded a pretty ace, if a little messy, Jesus & Mary Chain cover, download from [Yourfilehost]. Listen to Penny's own stuff at [MySpace]

Fresh from their appearance on KHI podcast#9, Secondsmile exhibit their more mellow side on impressive album track 'Good Night Sleep Tight' [MySpace]

Northern quirk enthusiasts ultCult unveil a new track, entitled 'Russia' [MySpace]

Skyhorse have produced another eighties inspired classic, with the Talking Heads vs Joy Divison vs The Smiths stunner 'Notions' [MySpace]

Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah makes a cameo in a deleted scene from summer blockbuster 'Iron Man' [/Film]

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